Practice Areas

Real estate and Construction L

The development and construction of real estate in real estate law and construction law must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of construction law and urban real estate management law at the same time. The real estate, construction engineering and infrastructure legal service is one of the important business areas of Jiangsu dongdazhou law firm, which has been committed to the legal services of large central enterprises, financial institutions, real estate funds and excellent real estate companies and construction enterprises for many years. With our solid professional knowledge, excellent legal service skills, efficient and capable lawyer team, we provide customers with land use right transfer, first-class land development, three old transformation projects (including urban renewal projects), real estate project development and construction (including real estate cooperative development), real estate project investment and financing, non-performing asset disposal, asset securitization, construction engineering and real estate Professional, efficient and high-quality legal services in real estate dispute resolution. With rich practical experience and profound professional theory, Dong Dazhou lawyer provides many companies with high-quality and efficient legal services, including real estate sales legal affairs, real estate development, commercial housing sales, property operation and management, real estate related dispute resolution, etc.

Scope of business services
Litigation business
● real estate sales contract disputes, real estate project merger and acquisition contract disputes, real estate leasing contract disputes;
● construction contract disputes, equity transfer contract disputes and other commercial contract disputes;
Non litigation business
● corporate legal advisory services
● real estate sales (industrial and commercial real estate and medium and high-end residential), real estate development and operation, real estate project M & A, real estate sales tax planning;
● legal services such as equity transfer and construction projects of construction companies.
● project investment, restructuring, acquisition and merger
● land level development
● project cooperative development
● regulatory compliance review
● project leasing and operation